Construction Projects


We are currently looking at ideas to convert the carriage shed into office space for the Town Clerk and Tax Collector.

We have been working on obtaining a permit from DES to replace a large culvert on the paved portion of Pond Rd. We feel we are close.

Engineering is complete and a DES permit can be issued to Surry contingent of approval and permission from the Army Corps. to replace a culvert on lower Pond Rd. This is a very expensive project and will not be completed this year, however progress toward opening that road continues.

Update: We now have all permits and licenses in place and are waiting bids from Surry contractors to see how much this project will cost.

Update 11/30/15:  The cost to reopen the gravel portion of Pond Road came in at around $275,000.  Because the price was so high we have decided to hold off on this project until more money can be raised.  The culvert replacement on the paved portion of Pond Road should be less expensive of a project and we have chosen to make this our next undertaking.  We have all DES permits now and are seeking bids from the local contractors.

Update 2/9/16:  The cost to replace the deficient culvert on Pond Road came in at $116,00.  We plan on completing this construction project in the spring/summer when the water level is low.

There have been two culverts replaced on Mine Ledge Road.  These did not need any special permits or engineering.  The bank next to these culverts was stabilized and the road was widened making it safer to travel and easier to maintain as well as controlling erosion.

IMG_1255 IMG_1257

Update 8/27/16:  The large culvert on Pond Road that we have been working on for the past year has been installed.  Once all the permits were in place and the money raised, the culvert was installed in a week with no issues.  Paving and guardrails still need to be finished later this September.

Another smaller culvert down the hill on Pond Road has been replaced and is awaiting paving.

There have also been three more culverts replaced and two cleaned out on the Mine Ledge Rd.  Ditches have also been created there also, which widened the road allowing for safer travel and a place to plow snow in the winter.

Update 10/20/16:  Guardrails and all paving is complete on Pond Road in the vicinity of the new culverts. This concludes the project of installing the upgraded culvert we have been working on for the past two years.


September 2023