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Supervisors of the Checklist

The Supervisors of the Checklist will be in session for the purpose of correcting the checklist on Monday, October 29th from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Town Hall, 1 Village Road, Surry, NH.  This is the last day for town clerks/supervisors to accept voter registration applications.  No additions or corrections shall be made to the checklist after this session, until selection day, except as provided in RSA 659:12, RSA 654:8, 11.

Monday, November 5 is the last day for the town clerk to accept complete absentee ballots filed in person, or delivered by an absentee voter’s family member.  Go to the Town Clerk’s window at the Town Hall between 3 and 5 p.m.

Tuesday, November 6 – State General Election Day


Supervisors of the checklist:

     Kim Fisher 357-5210

     Karyn Hagen

     Karen Edwards



General Voter Information


NEW VOTERS may register to vote at the Surry Town Clerk’s window during Clerk hours, or at one of the Supervisors of the Checklist Sessions throughout the year, or at the polls (certain restrictions apply).

Each person desiring to register to vote must fill out a standard Voter Registration Form and prove their identity.

Already registered voters may CHANGE PARTY AFFILIATION any time the supervisors are in session, except between the first day of the filing period for a state primary or presidential primary up to the day of the primary election.

Unaffiliated voters (UNDECLARED VOTERS) may declare his or her affiliation at the primary and may vote the ballot of his/her new party. A voter who has declared an affiliation with a party prior to the primary day may only vote in that party’s primary. The voter can change parties on primary day, but then is not allowed to vote at all in that primary.

An unaffiliated voter may declare his/her affiliation at the primary and vote the ballot of his new party and then, after voting, may fill out a card available at the Supervisors of the Checklist table, to change his or her party status back to unaffiliated.

Already registered voters will receive a ballot for the party affiliation they are registered for. After voting, they may visit the Supervisors of the Checklist table to fill out a Party Affiliation change form, to be in effect at the next election.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS. When checking in to receive their ballot(s), a voter may inform the ballot clerk of the change of address, which will be noted on the checklist and then later updated by the Supervisors of the Checklist.

CHANGE OF NAME. Persons whose name has changed (i.e. marriage, divorce or otherwise) should fill out a new voter registration card at the Surry Town Clerk’s window, or at a session of the Supervisors of the Checklist, or on voting day.

ABSENTEE BALLOTS. Contact the Surry Town Clerk during window hours.

(The above information is not exhaustive; please check with the Town Clerk or one of the Supervisors of the Checklist if you have questions.)



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