Surry School District

Providing a quality public education for Surry children.

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The Surry School District, SAU91, was formed after being the first district in New Hampshire to successfully withdraw from a Cooperative School District. Surry tuitions its students to Keene, NH elementary, middle, and senior high schools. Surry is part of the AREA agreement for grades 6-12 with Keene that provides a 2.5% tuition discount in exchange for a 20-year commitment to send our students.

The Surry School District is administered by the Surry School Board, Superintendent Kim Caron, Business Manager Nathan Castle, Clerk Ryan Chevalier, and Treasurer Rebecca Russo. Nancy Callendar serves as Moderator. The members of the School Board and their terms are:

Timothy Pelloquin, Chair2020-2023
Caroll Lothrop, Vice Chair2020-2023
Melinda Garland, Secretary2022-2025
Franklin Buffum, Member2021-2024
John Davis, Member2022-2025

Meetings are the third Monday of the month at 7:00 pm at the Surry School building. All are welcome to attend and to bring matters for discussion with the Board.

The responsibilities of the School Board are to develop and administer the budget, provide bus transportation, set policies, file state reports, maintain the Surry School building, and attend to family concerns. With the exception of the Superintendent and Business Manager, all positions are volunteer.

Registering Your Child: Contact the school you wish your child to attend in advance of your child’s first day. Kindergarteners register in March preceding the kindergarten year. Please also contact the Surry School Board at to let us know of your child’s enrollment. Elementary children attend Wheelock School. The family must obtain a variance from Keene to attend other elementary schools. Due to the contract with Keene, Surry cannot provide tuition for students to attend school in other towns, charter schools, or private schools.

Can My Child Attend the Surry Village Charter School? The Surry School District and the Surry Village Charter school are separate entities. Children may apply for the Surry Village Charter School kindergarten lottery beginning in January. Surry children have priority for placement on a “space available” basis. The Surry School Board provides support to the Surry Village Charter School in the form of free rent on the Surry School building. More information can be found at the SVCS at:

Is My Child a Surry Resident? Please provide court documentation for children of divorced parents that specifies which parent is assigned school residency. This may not be the parent the child lives with.

Bus Schedules, School Calendars, and School News. Transportation is provided to Wheelock, Keene Middle School, and Keene High School. More information can be found on the Keene Schools website:

Childfind Notice

It is the policy of the Surry School District to provide parents, custodial or otherwise, access to the educational records of their children.  Further, students reaching the age of eighteen (18) will have access to educational records, in all accordance with the Buckley Amendment, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 20 USC S. 2343 (g). Your building principal has information for you as to which procedure must be followed. 


In accordance with the individual Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Surry School District is required to actively seek, identify, and provide service to students with disabilities. If you know of a child in need of special education services, contact: Julie Fenrich, or (305) 607-6093.

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